Traveling Girl

Working as a teacher

Empirical, practical and philosophical dicussions


I believe I must bring my whole self to the table if I want to get my messages across. So I will expose a large part of my private self.  Relatives, family and other relations may be exposed but not given by name. I will not go to any lengths to protect them either. In this crazy world my story is just one part,  nor are any facts I bring to the table new; the unique thing is: I bring you my personality, my sense of humor, and most importantly, my mind and my heart. And I bring you my whole, uniquely woven net of ideas.

My writings over the years vary from just notes and scribbles to thoughts, unsent letter and theories of the world and espacially of humans. They all help me remember and put this blog together. 

I will be:

Understanding and cerebrating (my new favourite word) ,

Giving you my  personal background stories,

Thoughts on working as a teacher

Discussing Us and Earth - Gaia, (the question closest to my heart).

There are many survivors out there, I have seen, read and listened to many stories. I would like to identify myself as one, and I would love to meet more of you.

I invite you to browse my site, take part of outer events, as well as inner, in a revealing tale of (my) life.

This is MY story, How About You, What would yours be?